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Test Descriptions 

ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination)

The ISEE is designed for students seeking admission to independent schools and measures their academic abilities. Typically taken by students in grades 2-12, the ISEE assesses students' verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and mathematics skills. Our test prep classes help students develop effective test-taking strategies and build confidence to excel in the ISEE, ensuring they stand out in the competitive admissions process and gain entry to their desired schools.

HSPT (High School Placement Test)

The HSPT is taken by 8th-grade students applying to Catholic or private high schools. This comprehensive exam evaluates students' skills in language, math, quantitative reasoning, reading, and verbal areas. Our specialized HSPT test prep classes equip students with the knowledge and techniques to tackle challenging questions, enhance their time management skills, and achieve exceptional scores, increasing their chances of securing admission to top-tier high schools.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

The SAT is a widely accepted college admissions test taken by high school students seeking admission to undergraduate programs. Covering evidence-based reading and writing, math, and an optional essay, the SAT evaluates students' readiness for college. Our SAT test prep classes provide personalized study plans, full-length practice tests, and expert guidance, empowering students to reach their highest potential and impress college admissions committees with their remarkable SAT scores.

ACT (American College Testing)

The ACT is another popular college admissions exam, offering a comprehensive assessment of students' knowledge in English, mathematics, reading, science, and an optional writing section. Taken by high school students, the ACT is widely accepted by colleges and universities across the United States. Our ACT test prep classes focus on content mastery, test-taking strategies, and simulated practice tests, enabling students to conquer the ACT with flying colors and open doors to an array of college opportunities.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Advanced Placement Exams are taken by high school students enrolled in AP courses, offering a chance to earn college credit for their rigorous studies. Each AP Exam corresponds to a specific subject, such as History, Biology, Calculus, or Psychology. Our tailored AP test prep classes aid students in mastering complex course material, honing analytical skills, and perfecting essay writing, resulting in outstanding AP scores that demonstrate their academic prowess to prospective colleges and universities.

Product / Services Descriptions 

Our Online Study Cohorts offer a dynamic and collaborative learning environment, bringing together students preparing for the ISEE, HSPT, SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement Exams. Led by experienced instructors, these virtual cohorts allow students to interact, share insights, and receive personalized guidance. By joining our online study cohorts, students benefit from a supportive community, gain valuable study resources, and acquire essential test-taking skills, ensuring they stay motivated and focused on their path to exam success. 

In our Small Group Test Prep sessions, students receive individualized attention within a small, focused setting. These intimate groups allow our expert educators to tailor the curriculum to meet each student’s specific needs and learning style. Through targeted instruction, practice tests, and in-depth feedback, students build their subject knowledge, improve weak areas, and boost their confidence, ensuring they enter the exam room feeling fully prepared and ready to outperform their expectations. 

Our Livestream Test Prep combines the convenience of online learning with the interactive experience of a live classroom. Students can participate from the comfort of their homes, engaging with our instructors in real-time, and interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds. This flexible and engaging format allows students to ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and access recorded sessions for later review, enabling them to balance their busy schedules while receiving top-notch test preparation. 

In addition to test-specific programs, we also offer Group Academic Tutoring to support students across various subjects and levels. Whether it’s mastering challenging math concepts or improving critical reading skills, our small-group tutoring sessions provide targeted academic assistance. By joining these tutoring groups, students receive focused attention, clarify doubts, and gain a deeper understanding of their coursework, ultimately fostering academic excellence and enhancing their overall performance. 

Our Test Intensive Bootcamps are intensive, short-term programs designed to accelerate students’ test preparation. Perfect for those seeking a last-minute boost or a final review before the big day, these bootcamps focus on high-yield content, effective strategies, and timed practice sessions. Participants will experience a condensed and immersive learning experience that ensures they are test-ready and primed to achieve their best scores. 

The college admissions process can be overwhelming. Now, it doesn’t have to be.  

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